Things to know about the wholesale silver jewelry

silverBeforestart to buy any jewelry pieces from the wholesale silver jewelry business, there are things you need to know about the wholesale silver jewelry. Do your homework before going to the jewelry market. Here are a few things you need to know if you are really interested in the wholesale silver business.

1. Know about the silver, what is the silver jewelry and what is the different between silver jewelry and sterling silver jewelry?

Well, all the silver jewelry in the jewelry market is actually made by sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy metal that contain 92.5% of silver mixed with the other metals; copper, platinum and etc. In general, 7.5% of copper is used for the sterling silver. The reason for using sterling silver instead of pure silver is about the properties for jewelry making. Pure silver is too soft and too prone for bending and breaking into the real jewelry pieces. The mix of other metal will increase silver strength and able to make it into a piece. Be sure that you know about the silver pieces available in the market.

2. What is sterling silver used for?

The use of sterling silver was found since the 12th century, in Europe region. In the beginning, it was being us as a currency but then, it was become more popular for using in royal table, as a flatware. After sometimes, people do interested in its great look and start to use the alloy metal for their jewelry pieces. In this recent time, since the price of gold has been increasing every day, many people are turning their eyes into the silver jewelry instead.

3. What is a hallmark for sterling silver?

From the beginning of the sterling silver use, silver hallmark stamps were used to guarantee the quality of the alloy. As stated before, 92.5% of silver is the main component in sterling silver. This number, 925 or 92.5 were then use as a silver hallmark to prove for both quality and purity of the metal. If you visit, you are now known where the number 925 came from. All the sterling silver jewelry pieces need these hallmarks as their quality guarantee. Check it out before start your wholesale silver jewelry shopping.

Different earrings styles in the jewelry market

hoopThere are certainly different designs and styles of the earrings waiting for you in the jewelry market. Let’s learn about each style one by one.

The hoop earring is one of the most traditional designs of the earring that people keep using. You will findlot of designs of the hoop earring available in the jewelry market. For more design, check on the wholesale hoop earring business, like  for the latest hoop earring design in the fashion world. Just only a point to consider, if you really want to go with the hoop earring, the best face shape for this earring style is an oval shape. The size of this hoop earring also effect to your look. Be sure that you are not go for the oversize hoop earring, it will not improve your look, but make you look like carry two large hoop with you all the time. The weight is another important point for the hoop earring, as you have to carry the pairs for the whole day long. Think about these factors before make your decision with the hoop earring.

The studded earring, another type of earring which stay in fashion history from the past to present. The stud earring will definitely stay in the future trend. The stud earring will bring people attention to your face directly, unlike the hoop or chandelier earring. The most acceptable stud earring is the diamond one. The diamond stud earring is a favorite earring for many jewelers according to its look and design, but the price might not be the best choice to go for. You can find the other materials or gemstones to be replace the diamond, but still get the great look in the similar way. Cubic zirconia (CZ) could be your best choice to go. A pair of diamond or CZ stud earrings is a “must” for all the women.

The chandelier earrings, the classy and elegant earring style. In general, the chandelier or dangling earrings will add up the sexy look to the wearer. This earring style will increase your feminine look directly in its own way. You can find lots of wholesale dangling earrings with various materials and gemstones in the current jewelry market. Like the hoop earring, size and weight is a big matter for this earring style. Take the one that you can surely carry it without any problem.

Wholesale earring – factors to consider

wholesale earringsThere are many factors that you need to consider for the new pair of earrings. Here are some of the factors you should know before place your order from any wholesale earrings shop.

1. Think about the material use to make the earring. Most ofearrings are made by metals like sterling silver, gold and also the nickel-based alloys. For the person who got allergy to nickel, you need to be very careful with the metal used. You can go with the hypo-allergenic earrings instead, which normally made of either titanium or niobium.

2. Think about the designs. Go with the style and design that is right for you. You can always go with the classic design for every occasion you are attending. But if you want the different look for the special events, you can go with the latest fashion earring design instead. You can choosedifferent design to show your professional, classy, romantic, fun and sexy look in the easy way.

3. Check for the weight and size of the pair, before make your decision with the new pair. The heavy weight earring will make a big problem to your ear and earlobe after a long time of wearing. The bigger size will also make a problem while you are moving around. Both factors were affected directly from the material of the earrings. Be sure that you are going with the right weight and size of the earring.

4. Although you are going with the metal earrings, you can also choose for the one with or without gems. The earring with gems would be perfect choice for special occasions. But if you go with the small gemstones earring, the pair can actually use for your daily activity. But for the bigger size gemstone earrings, the pair might be best forspecial occasion.

5. Check for the price, this is one of the important factors you need to consider before go with any jewelry pieces, not only just for the earrings. You can limit the price beforestart your earrings shopping, to be sure that you will never go out of your limit.

Ways to sell your jewelry

Have you ever wondered how can people start to sell their jewelry products? There are actually many places you can sell your jewelry, either on the online or local store. It just get the startand then you will know what to do for the next step.

estyIf you are going with the local shop or local event, in case you are just start your own business, you can make your start at the local craft show in the beginning. You can either try to join the local show, your church bazaar, local school events or join the weekend market during the weekend time. You might have to pay for the ticket to join these eventsbut it’s not that expensive. And join these events will only bring you good messages. You can talk and listen to the people who see your jewelry piece by their eyes. Ask for their comments whether they like your products or not. If not, what are the reasons. By joining these events, you will learn a lot about the product you should go for. You can check for the styles that people like the most, and which one that is not right to the market. You will learn a lot after the fair end. Get your chance to join the events at anytime.

Then, if you are thinking about the online selling, in order to open more chance for the customer around the world, you have two options to go for. The first one is to join the well know website like eBay or Etsy if you are willing to promote your products in these website. Join the site, you have to pay for the fee, but it will guarantee for number of people who will come and see your products. But if you choose to make your own website, you might have to wait for a while, until people know more about your product and come to visit your shop. The process will take sometimes which you need to be patient. You need to make your shop and products different from the other products in the market. Make the different is the main key for your online success. Find your unique product characters and use this point to promote your products. Serve all the customers with your service mind. They will definitely come back to your shop if they satisfied with your products and service. It will take time but if you do everything by your heart, your business will find the way of success soon.